A typical instance is when you’ve got two text bins hand and hand that both use up 50% of this display.

Due to the fact browser screen gets smaller, the containers immediately conform to still use up 50% associated with screen rather than vanishing from the part. In the event that browser window gets too little to precisely display most of the text in those bins, it is possible to let them know to use up 100% of this screen size and display one together with the other. It is possible to conceal this content totally if it is appropriate.

Action 1 – keeping Your Theme and Its data

Making also small changes to a theme could cause mistakes and work out your internet site unusable. a standard problem is|problem that is common that after making modifications to your rule, you attempt to load your site and alternatively obtain a white display screen known as the white display screen of death. Debugging the mistake that caused the white display screen can be hard.

To prevent any interruption to your site, it’s crucial all noticeable changes in an offline variation. Continue Reading