Russian Women Bemoan deficiencies in Men – and their cash

Russian ballet dancer Ekaterina Lazareva is pictured during an exercise course together with her dancers in Moscow. Denis Sinyakov/Cosmos

The kettle was furiously boiling, as was the environment within the kitchen area. The 2 ladies, Yelena Lazareva along with her child Yekaterina are swapping tales about their loneliness – and whining about Russian guys. The topic is obviously usually talked about into the apartment that is two-bedroom examine the link share in a 12-storey building in Moscow’s suburbs.

Both ladies desired to fall in love and marry but “not with any guy”, states Yelena a nice-looking, healthier searching 51-year-old, who has got the voice that is authoritative of supervisor. Yekatarina, 29, nods her contract.

Walk the streets of Moscow, see coffee shops and restaurants, pop into personal apartments – there these are typically, lonely Russian ladies sitting around as well as other lonely ladies. They regularly dress as though for the opera or even a fashion show. Continue Reading