5 anal intercourse urban myths which are totally incorrect

No, it will not destroy your anal muscles.

Rumours about anal sex fly around like wildfire through the moment you arrive at discover exactly what sex is. From the a college buddy telling me personally to never ever, ever, under any circumstances, have anal intercourse because my vagina and butt could be one giant opening. Others anticipate anal play can lead to a mass poo explosion, which forever ruins their b-hole that is delicate in procedure, but each one of these absurd rumours are certainly not real. Alicia Sinclair, CEO of b-Vibe explains why these 5 most frequent (and quite often harmful) urban myths surrounding rectal intercourse are now total BS.

1. It is perhaps maybe maybe not enjoyable for females OR they simply take action to help keep guys pleased

This misconception is really so disempowering to ladies. The most popular narrative goes such as this: ladies don’t like anal intercourse, it’s a thing that right men want of those, and if it ever eventually ends up occurring, women can be usually coerced involved with it, or consent to take action only for the benefit of satisfying that “male fantasy”. Well, that is simply wrong.

The theory that ladies don’t enjoy anal intercourse removes their sexual agency as beings using their very very own intimate desires and complex sex. There are many main reasons why anal play can feel pleasurable within the feminine human body.

It’s important to say that the clitoris is much more than everything you see from the outside (think tip associated with the iceberg). Continue Reading