Why Should I Care?

Why Should I Care1Because the Need for Energy Affects Much More Than Just Their Electricity Bill

There are several known safety concerns that arise when low-income families must decide how to pay for high energy costs. Many times, food is an area where low-income homes withhold or skimp in order to compensate. Researchers from the Children’s Boston Medical Center have discovered that children in energy insecure homes tend to demonstrate poorer health and are more susceptible to developmental problems. They also suffer from poor or insufficient food intake.

Additionally, incidents of fire, contact burns, and carbon monoxide poisoning occurs more frequently in low-income households as families try to supplement central heating with in-home kerosene, propane, portable electric heater usage, in addition to other sources.

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Because Light For All Wants to Help Break the Cycle of Poverty

The LFAF team has seen the effects of energy costs on low-income families. That’s why we want to partner with community members and other non-profit organizations. We’re dedicated not only to assisting low-income families in compensating for rising electricity costs, but also to breaking the cycle of poverty.

Because You Can Help

You can partner with LFAF to donate solar panels to low-income families. This can help cover these rising energy costs, secure low-tier energy rates, and assist low-income families in covering other basic needs to help break the cycle of poverty.

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