Programs1Light For All Donation Program

This program was started to encourage homeowners interested in solar energy for their homes to impact low-income families with a donation toward a solar system.

Here’s how it works:

Light For All has partnered with Kurios Energy to provide solar to low-income households.  Kurios would like to partner with you to make a $500 donation for every solar solar system.  When you purchase a solar system from Kurios Energy, you can simply donate $500 to LFAF and Kurios takes $500 off your system.  With this Program, you get all the tax benefits and we work together to help low-income families get all the benefits of solar energy!


Donate-A-Panel is a simple donation plan for donors who want to make a big difference with a reasonable donation.  For this program, we hope to recruit donors just like you to donate one solar panel to a low-income community member.  One panel equals a one-time donation of $200.

Donate-A-Panel NOW